Djinee smashes the A3 sessions on FreeMeTV!

February 18, 2017
DJINEE RUSH!!! You should attend this…
April 22, 2017

Djinee smashes the A3 sessions on FreeMeTV!

Djinee at the A3 Sessions

Hey Djinee Lovers! Have you seen Djinee’s A3 Sessions on FreeMeTV?
Entice your ears and eyes with this beautiful mashup of ‘Payphone’ by #Maroon5 , I No Dey Shame, Lade, Overkilling and his newest hit single #ShoutOutToMyLover.
He had Godwyn (@iamgodwynguitar) on the guitar and Gray Jones (@grayxjones) on the piano. ShoutOut to the very talented @michael_synx for being incredible on the sound!
Click on the link below to watch the full video now
Don’t you just love the video?
Djinee is the bomb!

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