Back to secondary school…..

DJINEE RUSH!!! You should attend this…
April 22, 2017

Back to secondary school…..

Surulere (a Lagosian who doesn’t know this place????….. let’s leave that for now), a residential and commercial area located on the mainland of Lagos, Nigeria, is home to the popular National Stadium. Sitting quietly behind this national treasure is a cluster of small public high schools among which is Ajigbeda Girls Secondary School and it is here that Djinee chose to visit.

A support advocate with the W.I.S.E initiative Nigeria, he joined the organization on their #NetSafe campaign to sensitize the students about proper and safe use of the internet.

It was a no-holds-barred session filled with lots of laughter, knowledge shared and gained by students, teachers and the facilitators, including Djinee.

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  1. Quemmie says:

    Weldon Djinee. Keep impacting and imparting. God bless u real good and make you greater

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